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Local and Airport(One-way & round trip) car limousine service

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Unleash the Inner Wizard: Dia Limo - Your Carriage to Dobbs Ferry's Enchanting Escapes

Dobbs Ferry isn’t just another quaint Hudson Valley town. It’s a portal to a world where Sleepy Hollow’s whispers dance with modern magic, and hidden gems spark with unexpected delight. But traversing this mythical realm shouldn’t involve mundane Dobbs Ferry taxi. Enter Dia Limo, your spellbinding chariot for a journey filled with wonder and convenience.

Our Luxury Fleet

Dia Limo Service: Unleash luxury and style with our versatile fleet. From sedans to SUVs, we have your perfect ride for every occasion. Book now!


Experience elegance and comfort with our sedans. The perfect choice for business or leisure travel. Book now!

Mini SUV

Experience versatility with our Mini SUVs. Perfect for small groups and city adventures.


Dia Limo Service: Elevate your journey with our luxurious SUVs. Spacious, stylish, and ready to take you places. Book now!

Embrace the Mystique

Potion Perfection: Skip the traffic with flat-rate fares. Your chariot awaits, no haggling with goblins or trolls.

Hidden Horsepower: Choose your steed from our fleet of enchanted vehicles, from sleek sedans to carriages fit for royalty.

Time-Warp Twists: Punctuality is our incantation. Book your ride, and Dia Limo will whisk you away on schedule, every spell.

Local Lorekeepers: Our drivers are seasoned adventurers, weaving through Dobbs Ferry’s labyrinthine streets like seasoned navigators.

Airborne Apparitions: LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark? Let Dia Limo handle the incantations – we’ll teleport you seamlessly to and from airports.

Our Services

Airport Transfer

Local Transfer

VIP Limousine service

Dia Limo conjures experiences for

Everyday Quests: Affordable Dobbs Ferry taxi journeys for when you need to conquer mundane errands.

Moonlight Merriments: Celebrate with style! Limousines draped in enchantment for weddings, birthdays, or any occasion fit for a grand ball.

Mystical Explorations: Hourly car rentals become your trusty steed for uncovering Dobbs Ferry’s hidden wonders.

Corporate Conjuring: Impress clients with our professional incantations – reliable transportation woven with a touch of elegance.

Seeking the cheapest spell to get to Dobbs Ferry? Dia Limo offers competitive rates without sacrificing comfort or enchantment. Ditch the unreliable broomsticks and compare our flat-rate potions to the unpredictable meter of regular taxis. You’ll be spellbound by the Dia Limo difference.


Other Service areas

Ready to embark on your Dobbs Ferry adventure?

Call us directly: Our friendly team of elves is on call 24/7 to assist you with any enchantment queries.

Leave the mundane behind. Dia Limo awaits to whisk you through the magic of Dobbs Ferry.

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Car booking at dia limo is very simple you just have to fill contact us form or Give us a call at 914-292 4800 or you can also email us at

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